Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween night!

Una splendida nottata di Halloween!
Milano era semi deserta causa weekend lungo per il ponte dei morti, ma tutti i disastrati rimasti in città si sono riuniti nei locali e abbiamo messo insieme un bel numero di maschere!
Chi inquietante, chi divertente, chi decisamente terrificante - trovarsi Saw l’enigmista alle spalle è stato decisamente brutto … mi è preso un colpo! Ma ho combattuto bene, no?
Vi piacciamo io e le mie amiche? La donna skeleton l’ho dipinta io! E’ stato impegnativo, ma molto divertente e il risultato finale è spettacolare! 
Come avete passato la vostra notte di Halloween?

A wonderful Halloween night!
Almost everybody left Milan for the long week end of festivity, but the lonely left in the city invaded the clubs and with them we created an army of monsters!
There were disturbing, there were funny, there were terrifying - we found Saw out of the blue near us and we almost fainted! But I was scary too, don’t you think? Do you like me and my friends?
I made the skeleton girl make up! It was tricky, but very funny and the final result was spectacular! 
What did you do yesterday night? Did you have a nice Halloween?

 Nightmare before Christmas  - This is Halloween
by Danny Elfman


  1. wow, looks like you enjoyed yourself!
    happy weekend!

  2. Nice post!

  3. Nice make up !!!!!


  4. OMG! such a great job!!!! you deserve an award!!! cool!


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